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Redefining Calories. For Everyone.

We’ve developed a team of experts from various walks of life to provide a diverse background of experience, approaches, and specialties so that you can find the optimal fit for you and your lifestyle.

Whatever your health and nutrition goals, we can help you achieve them.  Coaches Amy and Janna developed the following excerpt and it resonates perfectly with our mission at Core Health.

Redefining Calories was founded by two strong, hard-working, badass women that value balance, positivity, self-love, and have a passion for sharing these ideals with others.
We want you to know that YOU, whoever YOU are, wherever YOU are coming from, and whatever YOUR health and nutrition goals are, we are here to help YOU. We want to know about you, what you enjoy, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what goals you aim to achieve. We want to give you the most personalized nutrition coaching experience based on YOU.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This is not a quick-fix or a one-week “cleanse.” This is adaptable to your needs and lifestyle. It does not matter if you are a vegetarian, carnivore, athlete, vegan or have a dairy allergy, we will give YOU the tools to be successful with flexible dieting.

We will help you to embrace challenges. We will guide you as you learn from both triumphs and struggles. We will provide unconditional encouragement through coaching and community. We want YOU to achieve a healthy, balanced life by learning a sustainable way of approaching your nutrition. We want you to succeed and we will be there every step of the way.

Our nutrition coaching is personalized, flexible and convenient. Communication will take place via phone, email or in either clinic. Besides fitting your schedule, it will also fit your lifestyle. There is no one size fits all approach to eating well. We are also not big fans of “dieting”. We want you not only to succeed with your goals but also be able to maintain lifelong healthful eating habits.

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Meet Dane Schneider


Nutrition has played an increasingly important role in both my career and personal life. I took an interest in nutrition as part of a lifestyle change several years ago. I first used nutrition along with exercise to fuel a change in body composition, adding nearly 40 pounds to my frame. With added knowledge after completing the Precision Nutrition certification course, I now use nutrition to regulate both energy and recovery. Core Health Chiropractic has afforded me the opportunity and platform to share this knowledge and help create a culture of change in how we eat, move, and live.

However, coaching is not new to me. I have spent the last 10 years as a PGA Golf Professional and spend much of my time on the lesson tee providing coaching for my students. Understanding where a student is at, where they want to be, and what they are willing to do to get there, is still the root of a successful student/coach relationship. For me, coaching will no longer be limited to just the golf swing.


Meet Janna Holmgren


Janna is a lover of peanut butter, dogs, coffee, paperback books, MN sports, wine, the cabin, Mexican food, weightlifting, and teeth. She is a dentist, a wife and dog mom, a CrossFit coach, and a nutrition coach. Her passion for nutrition stems from her battle with Anorexia Nervosa and hospitalization back in 2007. Overcoming her eating disorder, over-exercising, anxiety, and depression through support from her family and friends, along with her medical and nutrition team, gave Janna the strength, body positivity, and resiliency to come back stronger than ever. Since then she has found a love for the community of CrossFit and weightlifting, along with the ideals of those sports. Strong is beautiful. Eating enough and recovery are essential to performance. Janna discovered the significance of fueling her own body properly for both her every day professional life and athletic performance back when she was competing in weightlifting. She credits her energy, mood, strength, and overall performance to dialing in her nutrition and recovery. Janna has personally gone through all cycles in the dieting scheme: reverse dieting (metabolic rehabilitation), massing, cutting, and maintaining. Above all nutrition approaches, flexible dieting has been the most realistic and sustainable nutrition approach. A negative relationship with the scale, over-exercising, “good and bad foods,” and restrictive diets are long gone. It has taken many years, but Janna is proud of the positive relationship she has built with food, exercise, and her body. She believes that balance is paramount to health and wellness. She hopes to share her knowledge of and passion for nutrition and body positivity to help you along your wellness journey. And if you really want to know, maybe I’ll share some oral hygiene tips.


Meet Amy Moser

Amy has a passion for health and fitness. She has been an athlete since birth and enjoyed playing a variety of sports through school including soccer, swimming and volleyball. Amy is a highly active person, both athletically and in her working life. Amy found cross-fit about 6 years ago and has since transformed into primarily an Olympic weightlifter. Amy had discovered the benefits of flexible dieting, combined with her lifting schedule, to have given her the tools she needs to be successful in and out of the gym. Amy is in recovery from a long-term and difficult battle with bulimia and truly believes flexible dieting gave her the final push to maintain the longest period of recovery to date. Through learning to eat intuitively and flexibly, Amy has discovered how to have a healthy relationship with food and her body while continuing to learn how to balance stress and the effects of aging. Amy is passionate about her journey and eager to share her struggles and successes with those seeking to better themselves in both mind and body. She believes in strength and positivity in all aspects of life and will always be your biggest supporter.