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Sara was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Minnesota when she was a teenager. She graduated from University of Northwestern, St. Paul with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Sports Medicine. After graduation, Sara was hired on to UNWSP full time where she has worked as an Athletic Trainer for over 16 years. She pursued and received her Master of Science in Human Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from California University in Pennsylvania.

Sara took advantage of having summers off while working at University of Northwestern and gained diverse experiences working with all types of athletes. She worked with Motor Racing Outreach as an Athletic Trainer, where she performed preventative maintenance on NASCAR pit crews and mechanics. She volunteered for the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) in Southern California, where she tended to pro volleyball players during tournaments. In 2012 she volunteered at the U.S.A. Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she worked with Paralympic athletes in the velodrome, Men’s Gymnastics, Men’s Wrestling, and Speed Skating. Sara also acted as an Athletic Trainer at the U.S. Surfing Competition in Huntington Beach, California. During her time in California, she worked alongside her mentor, who was a Chiropractor. She learned the benefits of Athletic Training and Chiropractic working together to maximize strength and overall health in individuals.

Sara is passionate about working with athletes from all backgrounds, from middle school sports, to professionals, to weekend warriors. She puts her energy and expertise into making sure that people experiencing injuries, aches, and strains can get back to doing the things they love, pain free.

Sara is married to her husband Jon. They have two little girls, Samantha (3), Mackenzie (2) and a baby on the way this June.



National Athletic Trainers Association

National Association of Sports Medicine – Performance Enhancement Specialist


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You are under constant stress, which is interpreted as survival mode by your body. When in survival mode your body utilizes harmful compensation patterns which can lead to injury.  RPR™ resets the body out of survival mode and into performance mode.

The RPR™ system starts by testing what your body is doing now, with simple strength and flexibility tests, so that changes can be clearly measured later.

The next step is to reset your body into breathing correctly. Once you are breathing correctly, we test the rest of your patterns, and if need be, reset your body into performance mode.  Once you are reset into performance mode, your will experience reduced aches & pains, increased flexibility and be more resilient to injury.

The best part about the whole RPR™ system is that the results are immediate, massive, measurable and quite frankly, almost unbelievable.

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